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Become a member

Anyone who is interested in making individual and group progress through the knowledge and practice of "Focusing can apply to join the Hong Kong Focusing Institute. Voting members and non-voting members have an annual membership fee of HK$100. The application for membership is approved by the executive committee of the association.
Membership is valid from January 1 to December 31 of each year, regardless of the payment date. Under any circumstances, there is no refund for the paid membership fees.
"Voting Member" qualification: must register as a member of the Association and pay dues, and be listed as a coordinator/trained coordinator/certified professional self-awareness/trained tutor or therapist/supporter of The International Focusing Institute membership roster. Others do not have the right to vote and are listed as "non-voting members". Applicants must provide relevant information to the association to prove their qualifications as a "voting member".

Member rights and benefits

1. Members have priority to participate in gatherings, courses, workshops and activities organized by the Association. Courses/workshops offer discounts on tuition fees for members.
2. Members can receive information, newsletters and publications issued by the Association from time to time.
3. Voting members have the right to vote for members of the Executive Committee and/or Council, and also have the right to be elected as members of the Executive Committee and/or Council.
Only members who have paid the membership fee can enjoy the above rights and benefits.

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