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Thinking on the Edge TAE

Thinking At the Edge (TAE), like life consciousness, is a metaphor for the practice developed by philosophy.

TAE and life consciousness expert Nada Lou have also come to Hong Kong many times to teach TAE to friends in Hong Kong.

This is a set of concrete steps for us to use words vividly, a set of new theories to express what we feel in our minds but cannot be fully articulated.

This method described can rearrange the basic structure and way of doing things in individual fields, rather than narrowly settle in the existing framework.

Current science, social policies, and interpersonal relationships tend to bury the intricacies of personal experience. TAE is a way to think about and talk about our world and ourselves by generating concepts from "Sense of Intention". These concepts cover the intricacies of experience, rather than transforming all our thoughts into an object to be observed outside. The language and concepts produced from experience can point to parts that were not clearly described in previous experience.

For more details about TAE, please visit the website of International Consciousness Association.

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