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What is "Focusing"?

What is “Focusing”?


Focusing is an invitation to pause the inner ebb and flow in the shifts and shocks of an on-going situation, and create a space inside oneself… for new possibilities that imply forward to emerge.


This practice, developed from Eugene Gendlin’s “Philosophy of the Implicit”, focuses on something which is directly experienced but not yet expressable in words.  With some training, we can become aware of our bodily feel of a situation.  From that bodily feel comes a next step that allows life to live forward.


Focusing comes principally from a series of research studies conducted by Eugene Gendlin and his colleagues at the University of Chicago in the 1950s and 1960s.  The major theme of the research studies was: how clients change in therapy.  Today, Focusing training, research and application in different fields have spread in many countries.


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