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Life consciousness

What is full body consciousness

The whole body is consciously created by Kevin McEvenue integrating his many years of understanding of Alexander's technique and self-conscious exploration of life.

Consciousness of the whole body is a natural process, inviting the ability of consciousness to awaken the wisdom hidden in everyone's life.

In addition to the solid thinking, behavior, and feeling patterns developed under instinct and pressure, there are vivid wisdom and abilities buried in us, which can lead us to respond to the stress and pain of life.

The whole body consciously allows us to reconnect with the wisdom of the body, regain strength in the stagnant areas in life, and make life more complete.

One of Kevin’s most important insights can be summarized in the following sentence

"When some part of me perceives being loved, its self-healing ability will be awakened."

Principle of whole body consciousness

The body and mind are dually opposed, and we are not separated from the environment or our own experience-our life experience is in continuous interaction.

The body needs our presence to awaken the body's awareness of itself.

People have the resources it needs, their bodies are wise, and they know how to advance their lives. That is something we can't think about logically.

When two people meet, more life energy and forward momentum are opened up for both.

When your body is allowed to be itself, it has wisdom to deal with your problems. ~ET. Gendlin

Introduction to Whole Body Consciousness Process

The main point of the whole body consciousness is "earthly presence", which is a state of body consciousness and mind awakening, maintaining an open, neutral and gentle awareness of things connected to me.

When I am in a state of presence, I have a peaceful connection with the surrounding environment and life.

In this way, the body calmly relaxes, and the body also develops its awareness of itself under my invitation.

I invite my body in a state of presence and neutral self-awareness. The body will naturally move (it can be subtle internal changes or obvious body movements), and it can restart where the past stagnated.

When we abandon any form of manipulation and support and accompany the experience of the body like an earth-like presence, the sense of consciousness will take shape, and the place that was stagnant in the past will be healed and healed again, new meaning will be presented, and life will be guided. before.

A taste of the whole body consciousness

The following short YouTube video was published by Sarah Sacks, a therapist at The Grove Counselling and Therapy in Melbourne, Australia. It introduces the practice of "Grounded Presence" in the whole body consciousness

Below is the Chinese translation

0:00 Hello, I am a psychotherapist

0:02 My daily job is to help people reconnect with life

0:07 One of the tools I mainly use is called whole body consciousness

0:12 Focusing on the whole body is like going home

0:15 It is an exercise to help us reconnect with our body’s wisdom

0:22 In modern busy urban life

0:25 We easily lose contact with ourselves

0:28 We feel anxious and angry

0:31 Overwhelmed or even depressed

0:35 It’s as if we see what’s happening around us

0:39 The heart is stiff and there is deep dissatisfaction in it

0:43 Now there is another way of life

0:47 Body focus invites us to remember how to live in the present

0:52 At the beginning, connect to the ground, and notice that the ground supports us

0:57 We remind our feet

1:00 It can accept the support of the big earth, and its body consciousness starts to become active

1:05 The consciousness of the body continues to extend to our legs, hips and torso

1:09 Arm, shoulder, neck and our head

1:16 This way makes all parts of the body aware of each other

1:21 We begin to realize the surrounding environment

1:24 notice the sky above

1:27 Consciously holding us by gravity

1:29 Invite the body to feel the support from everyone in life

1:35 Take a few breaths

1:37 Check the energy body of our body and pay attention to how it feels

1:43 When we connect to the body

1:47 surrounding environment

1:48 The energy body of the people around you

1:51 We feel the whole body alive

1:54 This place supports us

1:58 in a short time

1:59 It seems to have welcomed us home

2:06 Welcome to the whole body focusing on the presence of the earth

2:10 If you want to know more about the key points and practices of whole body consciousness

2:15 Help you rebuild your relationship

2:20 and live more abundantly

2:28 Please contact our consultation and treatment center

2:29 If you are out of town, you can also contact us via Skype

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