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Life consciousness

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Do consciously with children:

That's the René Veugelers you have always known

Have you ever thought that you can pass on your life experience and knowledge to children so that they can show their unique value and nurture their ability to accompany emotions.

Get along with children of different ages and listen to their life stories and needs. Adults can also experience and connect to the source of vitality within themselves.

What led you to embark on the journey of children's consciousness?

Every friend who has been with children also knows that adults can develop children's life skills, let them grow, and feel the guidance of Felt Sense more openly.

When more and more adults understand the benefits of this aspect for themselves and their children, the concept of "self-empowerment" for children can be promoted.

We can help children explore their inner motivations and support them to bring new visions to the world.

What is the focus of children's consciousness?

The point is that as a guide, I use my sense to guide me when and how to respond and judge whether to intervene.

A key point of children's consciousness is to allow children to discover and connect with their hidden wisdom, which is the life experience they can sense in their body and which is contained in their sense.

Although it cannot be said at the moment, it is just waiting for a suitable time, waiting to be noticed and explored.

What are the benefits of children's self-consciousness?

Children can have a better sense of themselves and are easier to share their feelings, choices and needs with other children and adults.

They can be more capable of protecting themselves from outside influences, lighting the guide light of life to distinguish what is useful/beneficial/supporting their growth, and what is a footstone or hindrance to growth. They can be more capable and free to be alone. They can also be more secure and have a more secure identity, allowing them to embrace presence in different situations.

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